Since its formation, the Foundation has:

  1. Collaborated with RELAY Team (Rotarians Enhancing Learning of African Youth and based in Windsor, Canada) to
    • Renovate St Mary’s Catholic School, Anglican JHS and also donate educational materials and books to them .
    • Partially renovate and provide a generator, hospital equipment and supplies to the Anomabo Health Centre
    • The Team also sponsored a tour to Canada of two head teachers for a two week educational tour
  2. Helped some young people to obtain employment
  3. Financially assisted some primary school pupils.
  4. Commissioned the writing of three books titled:
    • Okyir the Festival of Anomabo
    • Anomabo and its Festivals
    • Mbroba Dabo Kantamanto and the establishment of the Amonu Dynasty
  5. Organised training sessions on hygienic milking and vegetable production to farmers in the Mfantseman Municipal of the Central Region of Ghana.
  6. Facilitated the donation of books to schools; donation of hospital supplies to the Anomabo Health Centre and the renovation of the Health Centre.
  7. Facilitated formation of tourism clubs in some schools. Clubs to educate school colleagues on environmental issues.
  8. Launched the Green Anomabo Project in 2017.
  9. Organised a tree planting exercise at Akatakyiwa Catholic School in April 2018.
  10. Participated in the maiden Women in Tourism conference which was held in Accra in July 2018.
  11. Participated in a stakeholder holder workshop on introducing climate change in the basic education curriculum. The workshop was organised by EPA Cape Coast, December 2018.
  12. Participated in a workshop on Climate change and Smart agriculture held in Winneba in December 2018.
  13. Our Chairperson Nana Mbroba Dabo I received a regional award for work on sanitation in Anomabo in December 2018.
  14. Started a landscaping project at Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast, in August, 2019.


  • Established a nursery at Anomabo: The nursery would cut down cost and  improve the capacity of the Foundation to raise and supply a large number of seedlings to support its Schools tree planting programme. 
  • Established a Farmer Based Organisation at Darman in the Anomabo Traditional Area. The organization is called the Acacia and Crop Planting Association (ACPA).
  • The Foundation also collaborated with the Forest Services Commission to supply two thousand seedlings of Acacia sp to ACPA.
  • The Foundation facilitated the inclusion of members of ACPA in the Green Label Project of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), The project, financed by GIZ, trains farmers to grow vegetables that could meet international standards and, could improve he income levels of the farmers.