There have been drastic changes in forest cover in Ghana over the years due primarily to agricultural activities, both legal and illegal mining activities and infrastructural development. These changes have resulted in significant loss of Ghana’s biodiversity and ecosystems. Some actions are being taken to address these concerns. The Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana, is in the process of developing a new Biodiversity Offset Business Scheme. Additionally and in fulfillment of its obligation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, (UNFCC), Ghana has developed its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC). Two of the core priority areas are Sustainable Land Use Including Food Security and Sustainable Forest Management.

Ghana is also making efforts at addressing challenges due to climate change. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture has developed and is implementing a climate smart agricultural policy. There is also a National Afforestation Programme

The Encon Foundation intends to contribute to Ghana’s efforts at addressing loss of biodiversity and forest cover by encouraging the youth to plant trees and in the process, educate them to be conscious of activities that protect the environment The Foundation intends to sensitise, train, facilitate and encourage individuals, communities and schools to plant and grow trees, shrubs and flowers in homes, gardens and open spaces. Through its programme, it hopes to improve rural tourism and economy. The bulk of its activities would be in the Central Region which is the fourth poorest in Ghana.